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When Kanye West was on the cover of TIME in 2005, promoting his second album, the magazine noted that the rapper strives to be all things to all people, concluding, "He just might succeed." Nearly ten years, five albums, and countless provocative statements later, West appears to have gotten as close to that goal as a recording artist can get: A cultural colossus who's as comfortable showing a fashion collection as performing at the Grammys or sharing the contours of his personal life with Ellen DeGeneres and her viewers.


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The world needs to know about the Xenophobic attacks in South Africa! Other African states need to realise what is happening to their people in South Africa, and they need to react before more immigrants in this country are senselessly beaten to death!


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Tonight we had Dash in the building: Born and Raised in KC Metropolitan Area. the man is not only talented, but interllectually Intelligent. He proved today that he is the best rapper in the Midwest.... Thank you for supporting Happy Hour with Etchi!!! Much love 

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ABC has released a second clip promoting the highly anticipated sit-down between Bruce Jenner and Diane Sawyer. Unlike the previous clip, this quick tease features a slightly clearer shot of the former Olympian's face, as well as a brief quote.

"My whole life has been getting me ready for this," Jenner says in the 15 second video. The 65 year old has yet to officially confirm rumors that he is transitioning from male to female.

According to People, Jenner wants this interview to positively impact the people of the LGBT community. He hopes speaking out will "bring awareness to this issue in order to help others," according to sources, and "wants this to be taken seriously."


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Former NFL star, Aaron Hernandez, sank into his seat and appeared stunned as he was found guilty of first-degree murder on Wednesday which will send him to prison for the rest of his life

Aaron Hernandez will spend the rest of his life in prison without chance of release after being found guilty of first-degree murder today.
The former NFL star appeared stunned at the verdict, sinking into his chair and shaking his head amid audible gasps around the Massachusetts courtroom on Wednesday morning.
Hernandez's mother, Terri, and fiancée, Shayanna Jenkins, broke down in sobs and rocked each other back and forth as each juror pronounced the former Pats player guilty on all charges, including murder by extreme atrocity or cruelty.
The mother of victim Odin Lloyd, Ursula Ward, sobbed and pumped her fist. Lloyd's girlfriend and Shayanna's sister, Shaneah Jenkins, wept beside the victim's mother, just feet away across the aisle from her estranged sister.

Hernandez also has another murder trial ahead of him in Boston, where he is accused of shooting two Cape Verdean men dead after a dispute at a nightclub in 2012.

A court officer places handcuffs on the tattooed hands of Hernandez who looked stunned after the guilty verdict was read during his murder trial at the Bristol County Superior Court

A court officer places handcuffs on the tattooed hands of Hernandez who looked stunned after the guilty verdict was read during his murder trial at the Bristol County Superior Court

Odin Lloyd's mother, Ursula Ward, broke down as the guilty verdict was read out in the Fall River courtroom and then pumped her fist

Odin Lloyd's mother, Ursula Ward, broke down as the guilty verdict was read out in the Fall River courtroom and then pumped her fist

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Ex-NFL player Phillip Buchanon said once he was drafted into the league, his mom decided to bill him for her parenting hours to the tune of $1 million.

Buchanon details the story and his life after suddenly receiving millions after getting drafted to play in the NFL.

"When I got to the NFL, I was all dollars and no sense," he told FOX Sports. "I want to make sure the next generation of athletes doesn't make the same mistakes."

One of these mistakes was how he let the money change his familial relationships.

"Soon after the draft, she told me that I owed her a million dollars for raising me for the past 18 years. Well, that was news to me. If my mother taught me anything, it's that this is the most desperate demand that a parent can make on a child. The covenant of having a child is simply that you give your child everything possible, and they owe you nothing beyond a normal amount of love and respect. There is no financial arrangement."

His mother had said he owed her a million dollars before but now he had money, she was serious about collecting.

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The QR code can be printed onto coffee cups so users can turn off the alarm while making their morning drink

Michael Smagon, the New York-based inventor of the I'm Up Alarm, said: 'We all hit the snooze, toss and turn, and fall back asleep.
Then we do the morning dash because we lose those coveted morning minutes.'I'm Up is a mobile app alarm clock that is linked to a QR code that may be anywhere in your home, not in arms reach form bed, and the alarm does not go off until your scan the code, hence getting out of bed.'

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Things that make you feel frighteningly old: It's officially been a generation since Tiger Woods first overpowered Augusta National as a 21-year-old Cablinasian, thereby obliterating the power structure of golf. Eighteen years later, things haven't worked out entirely as planned. On Sunday, Woods — who will probably never break Jack Nicklaus's career majors record, which at one point in his career seemed like a sure thing — was busy stoving his hand on tree roots and stumbling to the finish, while another 21-year-old, a Texan named Jordan Spieth, ran away with the Masters championship, matching Woods's course record in the process.

Jordan Spieth, of course, is not Tiger Woods. He is not a transformative cultural figure or a racial pioneer; he's just a kid from Dallas who seems courteous and well brought up and has a heartwarming personal story. But he is also, it would seem, one hell of a young golfer, gutsy and steely and unafraid of taking the difficult shot at a difficult time. He may even the kind of prodigy who comes along once in a generation. And this can only be good for a sport that appears to have run out of steam at the same time Woods turned from hero to villain. If Spieth is as good as he proved to be this week, if he is on the verge of becoming the best American golfer since Woods and Phil Mickelson, he might even do enough to draw in the casual fans who generally don't care much about golf at all.

There is always steady discussion about rivalries on the PGA Tour; this was the line that the CBS broadcast team stuck to, that Spieth and Rory McIlroy and a few other stellar young players might somehow lend new energy to a sport that's in constant need of it,

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Welcome to the 2015 season-premiere edition of The 30! Each week, I'll use a broad range of criteria to rank all 30 major league teams, grouping them into tiers and taking a closer look at one team per tier. If you're looking for straight standings, here you go — that's not what we'll be doing. No, we'll consider a wide array of factors, ranging from run differential to team health to strength of schedule. For the first few weeks of the season, as teams are still rounding into their true forms, the gap between records and rankings will look especially large. In other words: Sorry, Braves fans.