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One of the gifts of being young is that particular blend of self-confidence and self-consciousness. Jaden and Willow Smith have managed to turn this form of heady teenage introspection into expression instead of ennui. Willow, the 14-year-old musician whose debut single, "Whip My Hair," went platinum when she was not yet a teenager, explains that the gift of life is "looking at nature and being, like, 'Wow, I am so lucky to have a body and to breathe and to be able to look at this.' " To which her older brother Jaden, a 16-year-old actor and musician, adds: "And the huge, terrible thing the world would be missing by not expressing yourself." To that end, both Jaden and Willow, the children of Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith, released new albums this month, including two tracks by Jaden that make their public debut here.

From left: Willow and Jaden Smith.

Jaden's "Cool Tapes Vol. 2″ is an extension of its prequel mostly in name: "At 12, I was just talking about hanging out with girls because that's pretty much the only thing I was into," he says. A few years later, the new pieces are suffused with a different sort of bareness, and a self-guided education in topics such as Archimedean solids and mysticism. On a warm November morning, T sat down with Willow and Jaden on a bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean for their first-ever joint interview to discuss prana energy, the experience of time and the meaning of art.

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A jersey was gifted to President Barack Obama by the 2013 MLS Cup Champions Sporting Kansas City during a ceremony in the East Room of the White House in Washington, D.C. Oct. 1, 2014. Sporting is the sixth MLS championship team honored by Obama since he took office in 2009

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Today we have a face off between Sporting KC and the 7 straight champion from Nicaragua Real Esteli.

Right now Sporting KC is in first place of the group tied with Saprissa from Costa Rica with 4 points and with a victory today they can move to first place.

Very soft rain at sporting park tonight with 72 degrees, and an almost full stadium.

Just took 13 minutes to SKC to open the score whe Caludio Bieler send it to the back of the net after a pass from Seth Sinovic.

Sinovic made an overlaping run down the left wing and crossed low for Claudio Bieler who send it to the back of the net.

'26 Zusi made a super run down the field and pass it perfectly but Claudio Bieler missed and the scores stays 1-0.

'28 Zusi lobs a ball over the goal Keeper but the ball just goes inches away from the right post.

'42 stunning free kick from Claudio Bieler but Real Esteli goalie Lorete dives and saves the 2nd goal of the game.

'46 and with the score 1-0 we go to half time.

"60 very quiet second half with just a few yellow cards and with nost of the action in the mid field.

'64 another yellow card in the game now is for Sporting KC #8 Graham Zusi.

 '67 great combination between Dovale, Zusi and Bieler ends with a shot over the horizontal but the crowd gets pumped up again.

'69 PK Goal scored by Claudio Bieler, this is his second goal of the game.

'70 SKC 2 R Esteli 0

 '78 corner kick Sporting KC #11 Sal Zizzo scores a header assisted by #9 Tony Dovale.

'79 score SKC 3 RES 0

 '90 4 more minutes.

'94 game over, great victory for Sporting KC 3-0 against this tough group rival. Also a great night for Claudio Bieler scoring 2 goals.

For more info about Sporting KC don't forget to tune in Tuesdays at 4 PM central time my show the Happy Hour.


Norman Simon

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Another great night of soccer here at soccer city Kansas City, now is time for SKC to face rivals Philadelphia Union that in their last visit to KC in May had a 2-1 victory

Couple of surpises today in the starting line up due to suspensions and injuries Jacob Peterson starts as a defending wing, Kevin Ellis playing for captain Matt Besler, and in the midfield the new face Jorge Claros and Mikey Lopez.

Very quiet first 10 minutes of the game with a couple of corner kicks.

'11 after a corner kick from Graham Zusi Dom Dwyer headed over the goalie but Union defender Caroll heads the ball over the horizontal for another corner kick.

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We can't start todays blog with better news for Sporting KC that Captain Matt Besler and Graham Zusi have sign long new contracts and will stay in KC for the reminder of the season and 4 more years.

Today is a special atmosphere at Sporting Park with the visit of Landon Donovan and LA Galaxy that always bring great excitment and goals.

Another sold out game here in KC and with this we start the game

'1 great cross from Soony Saad but Dom Dwyer was not able to connect.

'3 Zusi with a long run on the wing crosses a ball in to  the box and Lawrence Olums fails to connect the ball right and sends it over the cross bar.

'9 Foul by #22 Leonardo from LS Galaxy gives Sporting a great chance with a free kick just outside of the box.

'11 goal for Sporting KC #10 Benny Feilhaber scores with a free kick just outside of the box.

Socre 1-0 in favor of Sporting KC

Benny celebrated the goal going to the bench and tossing chalk in to the air imitating Lebron James and the crowd just exploded it just look great.

Benny has scored 2 of the last 3 free kick goals for Sporting KC.

'20 sporting KC has the control of the ball and all is left for LA is to run after the ball,.

'24 Landon Donovan counter attack and give a clean pass to #6 Baggio Husidic who shoot on goal  but SKC goalie Andy Gruenebaum ended the threat with a good play.

this was the first threating play for LA in the game.

 '31 great shoot by #22 Soony Saad but goalie Jaime Penedo send it to a corner kick in favor of SKC.

'38 sporting KC keeps dominating the mid field and have full control of the game.

this is probably on of the best games of Sporting KC i have seen this year.

'40 LA player Mayer crosses a ball inside the box and #5 Belser send it to corner kick.

#22 Soony Saad stays in the ground with injury but gets up and back in the game.

Soony is one of the players that has run more this game.

'44 Matt Besler crosses a great ball all over the mid field and lands in Tony Dovale's chest but he struggle to control the ball.

and with 1 minute added in the first half Sporting KC is going in to the half time with a 1-0 partial victory.

 This second half started very intense, with a shoot from LA Galaxy #6 Husidic that hit the post. and almost goes in.

'48 great run by #8 Graham Zusi that pass the ball in to the middle of the box but nobody was there to put the ball inside of the goal for Sporting KC.

'49 another chance for LA Galaxy Keane shoots but Andy was able to stop it and keep the score 1-0.

'53 corner kick from Sporting KC and Seth Sinovic looses the ball in midfield, with this goalie Andy Gruenebaum had a 1 on 1 with striker Robbie Keane from LA Galaxy that he ended shooting over the horizontal.

MLS just announced roster for the All star game in August and 3 Sprting KC players have been selected.

#78 Aurelien Collin, #5 Matt Besler and #8 Graham Zusi.

'61 Goal scored for Sporting KC #13 Lawrence Olum with a header that ended inside of the goal. now the score is 2-0.

 '64 Robie Keane counter attacks and his shoot hit the uper crossbar and the score stays 2-0 in favor of Sporting KC.

 '66 yellow card for Sporting KC #13 Lawrence Olum.

'69 substitution for LA Galaxy coming out #19 Juninho for#24 Stefan Ishizaki.

'70 another chance in the box for Sporting KC but Jacob Petterson could not figure out what to do with the ball.

 '72 substitution for Sporting KC checking out #22 Soony Saad beeing replaced by #17 CJ Sapong.

'74 another substitution for LA Galaxy #20 De la Garza checks out for #38 Jamieson.

 '76 free Kick Graham Zusi kicks in to the box and Aurelien Collin headed the ball but just went outside of the goal.

'78 corner kick for LA and the ball ends inside, goal scored by #7 Robbie Keane.

'80 Corner kick and Aurelien Collin almost scored the 3rd on for Sporting KC but Penedo send the ball to another corner kick.

 '83 substitution for Sporting KC #4 Kevin Ellis comes in to the game for #40 Igor Juliao.

'87 #7 Robbie Keane elbows Sporting KC #10 Benny Feilhaber and gets a yellow card, this one should have been a red card.

'88 Graham Zusi puts a ball right in the head of #14 Dom Dwyer but he ended heading the ball straight to Penedo and Sporting KC waisted another oportunity to score.

'90 4 minutes added in the game.

'93 yellow card for Sporting KC Seth Sinovic.

'94 the game is over Sporting KC wins the game 2-1.



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In this week's address, President Obama discussed new actions by the Environmental Protection Agency to cut dangerous carbon pollution, a plan that builds on the efforts already taken by many states, cities and companies.


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Reflection: Ferrari driver Fernando Alonso is reflected in a fireman's helmet during the qualifying session at the Monaco racetrack

Reflection: Ferrari driver Fernando Alonso is reflected in a fireman's helmet during the qualifying session at the Monaco racetrack.